Common knowledge of brushless motor manufacturers

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Brushless DC motor is widely used in industrial production and daily life because of its outstanding working characteristics. It adopts DC, which can be divided into high and low voltage. It generally refers to the integrated product composed of Brushless DC motor body and driver. Common knowledge of Brushless DC motor is as follows:
(1) Before disassembly, blow the dust on the motor surface with compressed air and wipe the dirt off the surface.

(2) Select the working place for motor disassembly and clean the site environment.
(3) Familiar with motor structure characteristics and maintenance technical requirements.
(4) Prepare tools (including special tools) and equipment required for disassembly.
(5) In order to further understand the defects in motor operation, if possible, an inspection test can be conducted before disassembly. Therefore, put the motor on load for test run, check the temperature, sound, vibration, etc. of each part of the motor in detail, test the voltage, current, speed, etc., then disconnect the load, conduct a separate no-load inspection test, measure the no-load current and no-load loss, and make records.
(6) Cut off the power supply, remove the external wiring of the motor and make records.
(7) Select a megger with appropriate voltage to test the insulation resistance of the motor. In order to compare with the insulation resistance measured during the last maintenance to judge the insulation change trend and insulation state of the motor, the insulation resistance measured at different temperatures shall be converted to the same temperature, generally to 75 ℃.
(8) Test the absorption ratio K. when the absorption ratio is greater than 1.33, it indicates that the motor insulation has not been affected by moisture or the degree of moisture is not serious. In order to compare with the previous data, the absorption ratio measured at any temperature should also be converted to the same temperature.
The brushless motor feeds back the rotor position to the control circuit through the hall sensor, so that it can know the accurate time of motor phase commutation. Most brushless motor manufacturers produce motors with three Hall effect positioning sensors. Since the brushless motor has no brush, there is no relevant interface, so it is cleaner, less noise, in fact, no maintenance and longer service life.

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