Birth of w9235 brushless motor

View:101 Date:2020-10-27
The birth of brush motor promotes the rise of agricultural plant protection UAV in China.
Plant protection UAV, as its name implies, is an unmanned aircraft used for agricultural and forestry plant protection operations. This type of UAV is composed of three parts: flight platform (fixed wing, helicopter and multi axis aircraft), navigation flight control and spraying mechanism. It can realize spraying operations through ground remote control or navigation flight control, and can spray chemicals, seeds, powders, etc.

According to the book "China Civil UAV market analysis and prospect forecast (trial issue in 2016)" published by in 2016, China's agricultural plant protection UAVs are still in their infancy. According to statistics, the number of plant protection UAVs in China in 2014 was 695, with a total operating area of 4.26 million mu; In 2015, the number of plant protection UAVs in China was 2324 (according to the statistics of 31 provinces), with a total operating area of 11.528 million mu, an increase of 234% and 170.6% respectively. Although the increase is obvious, on the whole, China's plant protection UAV system is not yet mature. At present, the technology and product performance of domestic plant protection UAV are uneven, and few of many products can meet the requirements of large-area and high-intensity plant protection spraying.

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